Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woman of the Hour

WASHINGTON - Nobody knew for sure what Senator Olympia J. Snowe would do yesterday when the Finance Committee gathered to vote on its health care bill - not even Snowe.


  1. I don't think many Americans even knew Maine was a state in the union until now, but Olympia Snow has made everyone take note. I can only imagine the furor she has caused within the Republican Party.

  2. The vote was 14-9. If she had voted nay it would have been 13-10 . . . wouldn't it have gotten out of the committee for that as well? Jon Stewart made a point of that on his show Wednesday.

    My cousin Ginny is senior aide to Olympia Snow. Since Republicans are giving Sen. Snow grief lately, I think she should change party, even just to be independent. Republican Party is simply a disgraceful, narrow pit these days.

  3. It showed she is willing to break ranks on the bill, which should prove key in the full Senate vote.

  4. I liked one of the comments at the NY Times: "I didn't vote for Olympia Snow to run the country."

  5. I doubt very much that any Republicans will follow her on this. She's known for being the moderate in the bunch.

  6. There are others as well like Collins of Maine and Lugar of Indiana who could go against the Repugs on this bill, since their states went with Obama and I would think their constituents are watching this bill closely.

    Of course, there are a couple of Dems who might go against the bill like Nelson of Nebraska and Landrieu of Louisiana, which I imagine the Repugs are actively courting. Nelson is on record as being against any form of public option and the bill in general.

    Still, I think the bill will pass and the Republicans will be forced to eat this one.

    Next up the even more contentious Energy Bill.