Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Too Long a Time

After Ann and Nancy Wilson's beautiful tribute to Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center, I found myself looking back on Heart.  All I had on CD was a Greatest Hits collection, which quite frankly didn't do them justice. I since remedied that by purchasing the box set Strange Euphoria, a highly personal collection of songs plus a classic live performance from 1975.  And, now, I discovered there was a book published last year as well.

Their passion for Zeppelin runs deep.  They actually covered Stairway to Heaven back in the 70s, as well as other songs by Plant and Page.  What made their tribute especially sweet was the appearance of Jason Bonham, who tours with the current Heart band.  The bowler hats were a great touch. and I imagine is what brought tears to the old boys' eyes.  John Bonham is missed.

Heart's legacy certainly doesn't match that of Led Zeppelin, but they were a pioneering band in many ways, not least of which their many literary allusions.  It is great to see them getting the credit they deserve.


  1. Wonderful YouTube video. Great performance by the Wilsons & Bonham & Co. And yes, the bowler hats (called "derby" in the USA or doybees as we used to say in Brooklyn) were super kool!

    Back in that era we had other great artists (mostly British) whose music featured literary allusions such as Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Renaissance, & Strawb. These are among my faves in the Progressive Rock field and all were influenced in some form or another by the great Jethro Tull band.

  2. The box set is interesting in that it offers a number of demos and outtakes and radio live recordings giving their music a much more raw feeling.

    You are right, Trip, in that the British invasion reshaped American music, which is why groups like Led Zeppelin and The Who have both been recognized at Kennedy Center.

    1. I'm gonna have to check to see if that box set is available in our library as it sounds very interesting.

      Was a huge Steeleye Span fan back in the day. And enjoyed chamber music greats such as NY Kammermusiker, Early Music ensemble, and perhaps all my time faves the Waverly Consort:


      Such GREAT music!!

  3. Yea, Steeleye Span is a great group. There are some very interesting contemporary folk groups like Hem,


    and Hank Dogs,


    who I like very much.

    1. Came across this gem from Hem:


      With a little more professional editing this would be awesome. The scenery reminds me of upstate New York - very lovely, indeed.

  4. Interesting - I had not heard of either group before and looked up the links. Kool music, indeed.

  5. Here's my favorite of that period/genre: