Thursday, September 19, 2013

Raising the Dead

It seems that gun advocates are waking more of the dead in their ongoing battle with gun control legislation.  The most recent "zombie" quote comes from William Burroughs no less,

"After a shooting spree, they always want to take guns away from the people who didn't do it."

Well, Burroughs shot  his wife in the head over a game of "William Tell," but that doesn't seem to matter.  As long as the statement has a "truthiness" gun advocates can identify with it is fair game for a meme on facebook, where I saw this one pitch up.

Meanwhile, Starbucks has expressed concern over their coffee shops being used as a bully pulpit by gun advocates in states that have open gun laws, which is virtually every state today.  Of course, Schultz hasn't gone so far to ban guns, but he has politely asked customers not to bring guns to his shops.

For some reason gun advocates see no potential danger in allowing persons to openly flaunt their guns in public.  Not so long ago, Ted Nugent's wife conveniently forgot she had a pistol in her purse while checking in at an airport.  "My bad," you could hear her say, as it seems airports are one of the few place exempt from these open gun laws.  Yet, you can go into a shopping mall with a gun despite the shooting sprees that have taken place over the years.

Ohio even passed a law in 2011 allowing persons to carry guns into bars, but the Cincinnati Bengals have yet to allow guns in the football stadium, so it seems private enterprises can establish their own policies despite state legislation.  It would seem that William Burroughs can rest in peace.

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