Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's that time of year ...

Oh, the Horror!  Once again Conservatives have gathered together to bitch and moan about Obama as if he is the reincarnation of Soviet socialism in America, spouting off one damn fool thing after another in what they  call the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Numerous comments jump out like the one from Rick Perry who thinks he has the magic formula for success by pushing ever lower taxes, claiming his Texas is growing faster economically than any other state in the Union.  Of course, no one bothers to fact check any of these outbursts, least of all Conservatives who clap like a bunch of trained seals in the audience.  Texas is an impressive fourth in economic growth in the country, but Oregon and West Virginia are both ahead of the Lone Star State with (gasp!) Democratic governors, and California, which he denounced, is in the Top Ten and may very well get the first high speed rail in the country.

But, Perry wasn't alone in making absurd comments.  Ted Cruz stood up and claimed Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney all lost their Presidential bids because they didn't fully embrace conservative values.  He seemed to forget that when George W. Bush ran in 2000 he promoted "compassionate conservatism," not this rabid race-bating crap we see today in the Republican party, eking out a dubious victory that pried open the door for the radical conservatism so much on display.

Bush did much better in 2004 (62 million votes), but Mackie and Romney polled 59 and 61 million votes respectively, so there didn't seem to be any appreciable fall off in the conservative electorate.  Obama had enough popular vote (69 million and 65 million) to beat Bush both times.  So, one can assume it is just the opposite, it was McCain and Romney catering to the rabid right in the primaries that left both GOP nominees virtually no middle ground to work with in the general election.

Not to be outdone, Huck extolled the virtues of Vladimir Putin. The political tele-evangelist said the new Russian emperor is not the least bit worried what we think about him.  Then why, Huck, does Putin continually deny Russia has no troops in Crimea?  This despite a steady convoy of military trucks crossing the border into Crimea.  If he is oblivious to our criticism then surely he wouldn't be making such pretenses?  Jon Stewart has great fun with this newfound conservative love for Putin in his segment, Big Vladdy.

It really makes you wonder how anyone can take any of these persons seriously.  Yet, there was the Human Hair Piece boldly predicting the Republicans would take the Senate this Fall.  Of course, Trump offered a similar prediction back in 2012 and the GOP ended up losing two seats.  Wouldn't it be sweet if this year one of those lost seats is Mitch McConnell's chair.  He strode into CPAC waving a rifle over his head, apparently evoking the specter of Charlton Heston.  This is the sorry state to which the Republican Party has devolved.

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