Monday, March 31, 2014

The GOP Chorus Line

That's all well and good but show me your legs

Potential Republican presidential candidates were in Vegas auditioning for Sheldon Adelson and his conservative Jewish Coalition.  Adelson was apparently none too happy in 2012 when he tossed away $90 million of his hard-earned money on candidates like Moonbase Newt and Rombo, and vowed to scrutinize his candidates more closely this time around.

Unfortunately, good ol' Chris Christie stuck his foot in his mouth once again, referring to the "occupied territories" of the West Bank.  Of course, he meant it as a compliment to the Israeli security forces, but conservative Jews don't consider this occupied land, rather their own sovereign territory, so the guv was forced to apologize for "misspeaking."

Even George Bush recognized the West Bank as "occupied land" and pushed for a two-state solution during his two terms in office, but if you want the big bucks you have to cater to the likes of Adelson, who seems determined to buy this election.

I've got a lead this big!

One wonders if Christie knows at all what he is saying anymore.  After that faux inquiry into "bridgegate," clearing himself of all charges.  He seems to think he is a front runner again.  But, alas the GOP lead horse appears to be Rand Paul, who carried the CPAC straw poll recently, well ahead of Christie who finished a distant fourth behind Ted Cruz and the Republicans' favorite doctor, "Uncle Ben" Carson, who compares Obamacare with slavery.

The Jersey boss isn't going to let this one go without a fight, even if he has to show off his legs in front of the Vegas judges.  Quite frankly, none of the candidates look very appealing, which is why Sheldon may have to look beyond the front runners and see who else is lurking in the GOP chorus line.  But, is America ready for another Bush?

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