Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Bowling Green Massacre

or when fools rush in

When the facts don't suit your interests, you make them up.  That certainly appears to be the mantra of the new administration.  A few days ago we heard Kellyanne Conway try to establish a link between Trump's travel ban and that which she claims President Obama issued back in 2011 when two Iraqi terrorists presumably went on a rampage in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

I suppose we can pardon Kellyanne to some degree as she was only to trying to stand by her man.  She's become a kind of work-wife for Trump, desperately trying to explain his actions to the media.  It is a thankless job as it must be a strain to constantly try to come up with precedents for the rash actions of her work-husband, who believes his decrees need no explanation.  

However, this one was a real doozy.  Not only was there never any Bowling Green Massacre, but no travel ban either.  Back in 2011, two Iraqi men were caught sending money and weapons to al-Qaeda in Iraq for the purpose of killing US soldiers.  Congress was notably distressed about the situation and demanded the President increase vetting for the refugee program, which these two dastardly men had apparently sneaked through.  Vetting was indeed made more difficult, slowing the program to a crawl, but no ban was ever issued.

I imagine Trump was shocked to see Kellyanne walk this story back.  Trump would have just doubled down and used Sean Hannity as a reliable source.  But, it seems there is still and ethical bone in Kellyanne's frail body.  

If that wasn't bad enough, some "so-called judge" in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order on the temporary travel ban, allowing those persons from the countries Trump tagged to enter the US if their papers are in order.  Needless to say, this had our man-toddler flying off on another one of his twitter-tantrums.

I'm not sure if Kellyanne also has the job of consoling our toddler-in-chief, or if this is Melania's job.  His trophy wife staged a big ball for him in Mar-a-Lago over the weekend to help take his mind off federal judges and other naysayers who threaten to undermine his administration.  

Poor Kellyanne was left in Washington to deal with the media, but it seems the media no longer wants her.  CNN rejected an offer by the White House to have her appear on a Sunday program.  The cable news network was hoping for someone higher up in the administration, say Mike Pence, but the White House has chosen to shut out this "fake news" outlet.  

I'm really surprised she stayed on with the Trump administration.  She could have just walked away with the $2 million she made during the campaign and probably landed an even more lucrative gig on Fox or CNN as a Trump surrogate.  Instead, she chose to stay on for a comparative pittance and find herself being tossed around like a rag doll.

Not that I feel sorry for her.  Quite the opposite, as I find myself getting a certain amount of sadistic pleasure seeing her being forced to walk back at least one of her many tall tales and made look like a fool.  All through the campaign, we saw Kellyanne spin one story or another in an attempt to explain her man-toddler.  Trevor Noah doesn't even need PolitiFact to catch her in a lie.  The clearest sign is when "she tries to casually flip her hair afterward like she's all chill."  Kind of like valley girl meets Cruella Deville.

The only problem is that we may be having to put up with this for a very long time and that many persons will start to believe that events like the Bowling Green Massacre were real, simply because the Trump administration said so.  Eventually, he will stack the federal courts to uphold his decrees, rather executive orders, and may even get the all important fifth conservative judge on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and other USSC decisions the Republicans want shot down.  at 49, Judge Gorsuch could be with us a very long time if he is run through the Senate as Mike Pence imagines.

This is going to be a war of attrition that I don't think anyone of us is really ready for.  The man-toddler is used to getting his way and if not Kellyanne, some other blonde surrogate will be speaking for him in the press.  Who knows, he may even elevate Tomi Lauren to the counselor post if Kellyanne starts to get too soft.  Tomi would never walk back any statement no matter how absurd.

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