Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the Road

I was beginning to think this was another production that would fall through the cracks.  Walter Salles was slated to direct On the Road after the success of Motorcycle Diaries in 2004.  Coppola has held the film rights since 1979, but couldn't bring himself to make the movie until he saw Salles' film of a young Che Guevera.  This was what he was looking for in On the Road.  It seems Salles takes pretty much the same approach.  Viggo Mortensen as Old Bull Lee is an inspired choice.  Garret Hedlund looks good as Dean Moriarty.  Not sure about Kristen Stewart as Marylou, but we shall see. The film is premiering at Cannes in May and will get full release this summer.  Look forward to it!


  1. I loved the Che movie. If this is half as good, it will be worth seeing.

  2. I almost want to go to Cannes this year, if nothing else than to see On The Road and Moonrise Kingdom.

    I think Coppola missed a golden opportunity 20 years ago in not signing on Gus Van Sant to direct the film and River Phoenix to star in it. Loved "My Own Private Idaho." I think someone like Van Sant would have been better able to capture the sexual ambiguity of Kerouac and the Beats. I think Salles will play it pretty straight up.

  3. I think you should go! Send photos.