Sunday, October 16, 2016

Are you not entertained?

While Trump accuses Hillary of taking drugs to get through the last debate, the news media has seized on the man in the red sweater at the town hall.  Oh, and Mike Pence is trying to tamp down criticism of his response to an 11-year old girl who was worried about what kind of message Trump's unsolicited groping sent to girls like her.  So are the days of our lives this election cycle.

Many have begun to not only question  the sanity of Trump but that of a nation that has sucked up all this reality show fodder.  As Alec Baldwin so perfectly mocked Trump, "Are you not entertained?"  SNL wasn't about to let Ken Bone slide either, offering up yet another spoof of the debates last night, but apparently Donald was not amused.  The cast of SNL hasn't had this much fun with an election cycle since lampooning Sarah Palin in 2008.  They aren't the only ones getting in on the act.  Jimmy Kimmel signed Ken Bone as a special correspondent for the remainder of the campaign trail.

Mercifully, there are only three weeks left of this year's "Access Washington."  I won't say the drug allegations are the last desperate act of Trump, as I imagine there will be more desperate acts.  He compared himself and Hillary to athletes who should be drug tested to insure no one has an unfair advantage.  As you remember in the first debate he blamed a faulty microphone for his sub-par performance.  This time he thinks Hillary took performance enhancing drugs to keep her going through the debate but that they apparently weren't strong enough as she was clearly losing her energy in the end.  Not like Trump, who looked and snorted as though he was high on cocaine.

Of course these distractions ultimately work in his favor as the media focuses on them instead of the issues Donald Trump keeps saying he so much wants to talk about.  His rallies have veered so far off script this month that his handlers are at a loss at how to explain his erratic behavior.  Kellyanne Conway had a particularly rough time doing damage control last week, throwing accusations every which way in the wake of the Access Hollywood tape.

Mike Pence has had a similarly rough time downplaying Trump's provocative tapes and further allegations that have ensued.  His response to the 11-year girl's question on a Virginia news station was priceless.  Rather than offer any kind of emotional support, he claimed that he and Trump would make America safer from terrorists.  The question wasn't about foreign policy.

When the going gets rough, Team Trump immediately deflects the attacks on Hillary, which is what Mike Pence tried to do and failed badly.  Largely because he has no answer for Donald's behavior.  Kellyanne finds herself in the same boat.  As a result, the two are limiting their appearances on television, leaving it up to more callous Trump apologists like Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich to rationalize his behavior or other reasons to vote for him.  Trump himself is speaking at rallies only, as he now feels the media is out to get him.  He has intimated he may not show up for the third and final debate, despite it being in Vegas and moderated by Fox news.

In Sarah's words, Trump has gone rogue stirring up as much shit as he can in the few remaining days of his campaign, hoping to suppress voter turnout so that he might have an outside chance of winning this thing with his angry white male vote.  There has even been a hashtag movement sponsored by Trump supporters for the repeal of the 19th amendment, as if his campaign hasn't already infuriated women enough.  Fortunately, Operation Don't Vote doesn't seem to be working.

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