Wednesday, October 12, 2016


or Trump's Long Con

Even with his campaign falling apart around him, Donald J. Trump still manages to find love.  According to Ben Carson, Trump prayed for forgiveness before Sunday night's debate, although you would never know it the way he came out with blood in his eyes.

James Robison administered the duties.  One of several prominent televangelists and religious leaders who are sticking with Trump despite the  lewd videos and audios.  You needn't ask yourself why.  Conservative Evangelists have long had a soft spot for fallen pastors like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker and countless others who have been tempted by the flesh.  Usually, parishioners would like them  to show some contrition, but in Donald's case a token apology seems to be enough.

Still, his evangelical support is eroding, largely among Mormons who didn't like him very much to begin with.  Jason Chaffetz, a born-again Mormon, has publicly disowned Donald, as has Mia Love, another prominent convert, who said she can't vote for Trump.  This puts Utah in play for Hillary, which would have been inconceivable any other election year.

As many red states turn blue, Trump remains undaunted, proudly proclaiming on Tuesday that the shackles are off and he will go after Hillary and ranking Republican turncoats alike in his defiant bid for the White House.  If I didn't know better, I would say this has been one very clever long con to undermine the Republican Party.  What more can he do to bring the GOP to its knees?

Hardly anything Trump says at this point makes sense.  At a Florida rally he was encouraging supporters to go to the polls on November 28.  He didn't even catch himself in the gaffe.  Once again, he lashed out at Paul Ryan for turning his back on him, although Ryan has yet to "unendorse" him.  He had a few harsh words for Mackie as well, but they ring hollow at this point.  It is hard to imagine Donald thinks he can win the election with his motley crew of supporters.  It brings to mind George Wallace's lost cause in 1968.

Nevertheless, there are those who still think Trump has a path to victory, although you would be hard pressed to find any major media outlet that finds it plausible at this point.  Even Fox seems to have given up on Trump, except for Sean Hannity of course, who was lashing out at everyone this week for abandoning his American Idol.

Still there are four weeks to go and I guess anything can happen.  It seems Julian Assange, with the aid of Russian hackers, is working overtime to find some juicy e-mails to expose to an eager public.  It was pretty amazing last week when conservatives stayed up till  3 am for Assange's much anticipated statement only to discover they had been #wikirolled.

The only question now is how Trump's "second amendment people" are going to respond to a new Clinton administration?


  1. And now the evangelicals are outraged--outraged, I say--by some less than cordial emails allegedly sent to John Podesta. Oy vey. (You can't make this stuff up.)

  2. Hearing Carson defend Trump and claiming they had a prayer session before the last debate really takes the cake. Further proof the Evangelical movement is only about power.