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Are You Not Entertained?

We've reached the 100-day mark of the Trump administration and there really isn't much to say about it.  He hoped to hold the spending bill hostage over his wall but has backed down on that threat as he doesn't even have enough Republican backing.  No one really wants this wall, but Trump continues to insist it will get built.

That pretty much sums up his presidency to this point.  Sound and fury signifying nothing.  His attempt to get his first major bill through Congress similarly ended up getting yanked, as there wasn't enough support for it either.  However, Republican leaders seem to think they have come up with a compromise solution that essentially scales back the current Affordable Care Act.

Trump's signature travel ban remains in limbo.  Jefferson Beauregard Sessions seems more upset that a Hawaiian federal judge could block it than he does the legitimacy of such a bill.  Thank god this guy never ended up on a federal court!

The missile strikes and the Mother of all Bombs are distant memories.  The situation in Syria remains the same.  The Taliban inflicted more damage using conventional means in Afghanistan.

Ivanka tried her best to present her father as a "champion for women" at a G20 conference but that didn't go over very well.  I suppose this comes with her new role as one of her father's top advisers.  I wonder if she will try to defend the latest juicy tidbit on her father's relationship with his third wife.

One of the big knocks against Hillary during the campaign was that she would perpetuate the Clinton legacy in the White House by giving her husband a big role and quite possibly her daughter as well.  Yet, Ivanka and her husband Jared both have assumed prominent roles in the Trump White House.  She hasn't made any effort to distance herself from her product line, securing Chinese trademarks while President Xi was at Mar-a-Lago.  The Trump brand is thriving.  Nepotism knows no bounds in this administration.

His Trumpness has confirmed all our worst fears, yet his base loves him.  A recent poll shows that 96 per cent of his supporters would vote for him again, compared to only 85 per cent for Hillary.  This led Trump to boast he would beat Hillary all over again.  This seems out of step with his historically low approval rating.

Americans are accepting Trump whether they like him or not.  Listen to this CNN panel guffaw at Trump's "joke" at Nikki Haley's expense.  It's like watching The Apprentice every night.  Suspense was raised over whether Trump would give Steve Bannon the boot, only to disappoint his national audience by letting Steve off with a warning.

 Michael Moore is already conceding Trump a second term but with one caveat.  He will be impeached during this time.  It seems a bit early to be making such bold predictions, but His Trumpness has a way of doing that.  As his SNL doppelganger would say, "are you not entertained?"


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