Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

Wishing everyone a happy Columbus Day Weekend!  Dates vary but October 12 is generally considered the day, although now it is set as the second Monday in October.  Can't resist sharing a clip from a great episode of The Sopranos on Columbus Day.


  1. Columbus Day is hardly celebrated at all here in Minnesota. Minneapolis is a Mecca of sorts for Native American ethnic groups in the region and many political activists flourish here. Thus, Columbus is seen as an imperialist, not as a discoverer.

    Have a great weekend just the same!


  2. Here in San Francisco, there's a deep conflict since the Italian-heritage population is a very large component of the local citizenry and there are many Native American tribes and organizations headquartered in the area. No one comes to fisticuffs, at least that I'm aware of, perhaps because the holiday usually falls during Fleet Week, when the US Navy takes over the place and we have to hang on through many hours of Blue Angel flights.

  3. It's pretty big in NY and NJ. We had parades in Long Branch, and I was in HS marching band -- had to march and play piccolo.

    Most private companies here in NYC don't give the day off for Columbus. I used to get it, but companies limit their holidays, and MLK day has pretty much replaced it.

  4. It is an odd holiday. There have been questions of whether Columbus was even Italian,

    It didn't become a federal holiday until 1934, although it had been celebrated in the US years before. The 1892 World's Fair in Chicago celebrated the 400th anniversary of Columbus's "discovery."

    For Native Americans it is a day of infamy. Native Americans also hold protests on the Fourth of July.

    But, really how seriously can you take a holiday like this one?

  5. I don't know about seriously, but comedically I still cherish (and can recite portions of) Flip Wilson's routine about ol' Chris goin' to America to FIND RAY CHARLES.

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