Saturday, September 1, 2012

City Upon A Hill

Barry recited part of John Winthrop's famous sermon in his presentation at Octavia Bookstore.  Here is a copy of Winthrop's full speech he gave before departing on the Arabella in 1630.  Here is a google preview of a biography of John Winthrop by Francis Bremer.

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  1. It was interesting to hear the teabagger on this panel discussion,

    refer to a "shining city on a hill," in her harangue against the Obama administration.

    The reference is to Reagan's speech at the 1976 Republican Convention when he finally conceded Ford the nomination. He referred to it again at the 84 convention and again in his 89 Farewell Address. Although it is paraphrased from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew, it was first used by Winthrop in reference to America, and seems to be at the center of the religious right worldview. I suppose this is why Barry considers Roger Williams' story as relevant now as it was back then.