Sunday, September 2, 2012

Power and Glory

John Wycliffe reading his translation of the New Testament

Here is a good account of the making of the King James Bible, the so-called "Authorized Version," by Adam Nicolson.  I think the book was called God's Secretaries in the American edition, so as not to confuse it with Graham Greene's classic novel I presume.  I've long wondered what the inherit differences are between it and the Geneva edition, largely translated by William Whittingham.  This was apparently the Bible the original  Pilgrims brought with them because of their understandable disdain for King James.  It was apparently the most popular English edition at the time, later to be supplanted by the KJV.  Don't hear much about the earlier Wycliffe edition, but here it is courtesy of the Wesley Center.

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  1. According to this comparison, there is very little difference between the King James and the Geneva Bibles: