Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inside the bin Laden House

Another book that appears to have been written in the heat of the moment is No Easy Day, the much talked about memoirs of an ex-Navy Seal who was part of the team that raided the bin Laden compound.  Despite all the protestations from the Pentagon, it seems this book will go a long way to clear up the matter, as there has been much circulating in the blogosphere that diminishes Obama's role in calling the shots.  These Swift Boat ads seemed to have missed the mark this time, thanks largely to Admiral William McRaven's defense of the administrative decision.


  1. "Swift Boat"

    Seems like this is the reason why the book was released at this time - it is obviously a defiance of President Obama and seeks to lessen his chances of winning the election in November.

    I wonder if the Patriot Act will be used to put anyone on trial for treason.

  2. The book supposedly gives an unvarnished account, judging by the review I read. The "Swift Boat" ads are terribly distorted and aimed at a gullible Republican base that refuses to accept anything positive this administration did.

  3. At this point, I would rather see the CIA and Pentagon respond to the book, rather than continue to fuss over confidentiality of information,