Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In the Shadow of No Towers

It seems Americans will never let go of 911, as they have never forgotten the Iran hostage crisis on 1980.  There are any number of posts on facebook, each trying to capture a more poignant moment than the one before.  At least, the rage finally appears to have subsided.  The memorial, which opened last year on the tenth anniversary, seems to have eased some anxieties.  But, I really don't get the feeling most Americans have come to term with the horrific event, at least not in any meaningful way.

You hear the Republicans calling for even more national defense, and Muslims remain the principal target of Tea Party rants, like this one in Arizona.  Many candidates went so far as to make Sharia law a campaign issue, with more than 20 states considering anti-Sharia legislation.  I would think they would be more worried about the increased call for Biblical law.

We seem a nation riddled by our own doubts, prejudices and fears, which is what Art Spiegelman took aim at in his large format book, In the Shadow of No Towers.  Odd, when you consider the firepower we have, not to mention the economic might.  Yet, an insecurity complex persists, which I suppose is why 911 will resonate for many years to come.  We are not immune to terrorist violence, and no laws or no walls is going to make us any less vulnerable.  As Ron Paul said to a less than receptive crowd, we should live by the Golden Rule.

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  1. "live by the Golden Rule"

    So many right wingers say this is a Christian nation. If true, then they should do as Jesus demanded when he said "make peace with ALL men".