Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ham on Nye

Tonight is the Big Night for what is being billed as the "Debate of the Decade."  However, it sounds more like The Scopes Monkey Trial, Part Deux, as the "Science Guy" Bill Nye takes on the "The Creationist" Ken Ham in a 2 1/2 hour debate on Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins?  CNN correspondent Tom Foreman will moderate the debate and "70 credentialed media" will be in attendance to help make it feel just like the real thing.

Ken plans to soak as much money as possible off this one, with everyone from WCPO in Cincinnati to Christian Today offering a live feed, starting at 7 pm.  Even Piers Morgan will offer a post-debate analysis.  All proceeds will go to his Answers in Genesis, which is sponsoring the event.

You have to admire Ken Ham's audacity if nothing else.  This guy doesn't buy into "intelligent design."  He is a straight Creationist.  The world is no more than 7000 years old and Dinosaurs and other extinct species were products of "divine upheavals."  But, I'll leave it up to the Evangelist to make his case and hope Bill Nye has some good zingers to deflate the big boy's Biblical arguments.  However, Catholic Online is having none of it.  Somehow, I don't think there will be much voice of reason in this one.


  1. Doesn't seem the Duck Dynasty has anything to worry about as the Debate of the Decade apparently only attracted 900 persons on line for the live stream,


    Looks like Ken Ham has a long way to go to get the 1 million mark he was hoping for ; )

  2. Far more than anyone would care to listen to, but here is the debate in full,