Thursday, December 15, 2016

As snow fell on New York

Donald said God came to visit him in Trump Tower.  He said it was totally unexpected but there he was in the flesh.  Well, the spirit anyway, telling him he should open up his heart more to the people.  Trump asked if there was something God could do for him.  God seemed a little peeved but then said "What do you want Donald?"  Could you turn the thermostat down a little.  I don't want this global warming thing hanging over my head the whole time I'm President.  I made all these promises to oil and coal companies, and you know, it doesn't look good with the Arctic melting.  God said he would think about it, but told Donald once again to go easy on the people and the hair gel.

Trump knocked himself in the head for not taking more advantage of the opportunity.  He could have asked whether he would have one or two terms in office, or if maybe Ivanka would one day be the first woman president, or who would be in the Super Bowl so that he could place his bets accordingly.  Something like this only comes along once in a lifetime, maybe twice, who knows?

He pondered this propitious moment when he went to bed that night, not sure whether he should tell Melania or not.  The next morning he woke up and it was snowing outside.  That had to be a sign from God and so he decided to share his visit with the media.   This sealed the deal as far as End Times pastor Tom Horn is concerned, Donald Trump is the messiah!  Others were more circumspect but as the unexpected snow fell outside, some had to think that God may indeed work in mysterious ways.

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