Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dirty Laundry

The Freewheeling Donald Trump has been all over the place in recent rallies, bragging about his crowd sizes rivaling that of Elton John, how great his writing skills are, lashing out at Maxine Waters, John McCain and George H.W. Jones, but he seems most obsessed with Elizabeth Warren.  It has reached the level of stalking, and one wonders why so many people play into his insidious tweets and rally calls for Elizabeth to take a DNA test to "prove" her Native American claims.

Our dear Megyn Kelly felt compelled to chime in on the issue, making one wonder why she ever left Fox News.  NBC granted her a legitimacy she doesn't deserve, as she was never more than one of those "bubble-headed bleach blondes" Don Henley alludes to in his song Dirty Laundry.  That's pretty much what all this talk about Elizabeth Warren and Pocahontas is.

Trump picked it up on the campaign trail in 2016 when Warren openly challenged him.  It refers back to a time Warren was listed on the Harvard register as being "Native American."  She grew up in Oklahoma, so all could be she has some Native American blood in her, as this is where so many tribes ended up being resettled in the late 19th and early 20th century. 

It's not like you would be able to "see it," as Scott Brown claimed in the 2012 Senate race, anymore than you can see all the other latent genes inside of us.  This is why DNA kits have become so popular, revealing loads of surprises when it comes to one's ethnic heritage.  Look what happened to these persons when they went on a DNA journey.

Elizabeth Warren doesn't have to "prove" herself, anymore than it seems Donald Trump has to "prove" himself, since he hasn't been forthcoming when it comes to his own heritage.  He boasts of his mother's Scottish heritage, while rarely if ever accepting his father's German heritage, from which his name is derived.  No surprise since his father went out of his way to hide his German heritage at a time anti-German feelings were running high in America.  Fred Trump claimed he was Swedish.

So why does he continue to go after Warren, or anyone else for that matter?  The guy is a walking, talking, harrumphing contradiction of himself!  Yet, he refuses to let the Pocahontas rant go.

I suppose part of it is that Warren is thinking of a 2020 run, but mostly he can't stand being called out by a woman.  Megyn Kelly should know this, having similarly fallen on Donald's bad side when she questioned him on his misogyny in an early Republican debate.  But, here she is feeding into yet another of Trump's misogynistic attacks, intoning something far more than a DNA test in his attack on Warren at the Montana rally yesterday.  Maybe she should have focused on the many wild accusations he made instead of Elizabeth Warren.

NBC must fire Kelly.  She hasn't boosted their ratings, much less given them anything of substantial value in her presence on the network.  She may have gotten under Putin's skin in her first interview, another man who hates to be questioned by women, but she just ended up stoking his ego, which is why he granted her a second interview.   She now does this with Trump by defending his puerile rants.  This isn't news, and in no way should be treated as such!

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