Thursday, August 4, 2011

Calling Obama Names

Pat Buchanan is just the latest white man to insult President Obama by referring to him as "your boy" in a discussion with Al Sharpton. Only days ago Doug Lamborn, Republican representative from Colorado, likened Obama to "tar baby" but back-pedalled the next day by claiming he meant to liken him to a "quagmire." Racism is more alive and well in the United States of America than I thought it was.


  1. One of the Dixie Chicks joked about Bush and Texas. For this they were condemned and threatened by the right wing. President Obama has been subjected to far more insulting comments. Yet, the libs sit by like a bunch of sissies and refuse to swing back. Therefore, it is no mystery as to why the right wingnuts continue to make these insults. Turning the other cheek just doesn't work in politics. The Democratic party is just going to have to stop being a bunch of political pansies if they want this nonsense to stop.

  2. I have been so depressed by the turn in American politics that I never know where to even start. I don't even like to post here anymore about politics, because I'm so deeply despondent about what is happening. I know I always say this, but who thought it could get worse after Bush Jr.?

    My guess is the attacks on Obama are at least partly (but deeply) racist, but I also think he represents everything the declining white majority hates to see happening in America. And worse, "they" have taken over the White House. In many ways I think this mirrors how the conservative elites viewed Clinton -- he also wasn't one of them.

    What scares conservatives, I think, is the increasing diversity of the nation. Somehow they have managed to hold on to control of the government, but they see the handwriting on the wall. The question is whether or not the country can survive a few more years of their counter attacks and voter suppression (my guess is voter turnout -- real voter turnout -- is the thing they fear most).

    Sorry. I pledged not to rant anymore here. I will be doing get out the vote calls for Wisconsin again on Tuesday. That's one small positive step I feel like I can still do to make a difference.

    In the meantime, back to Patti Smith. Anything not to think about what is happening right now.

    I also watched the PBS special on Lafayette which was surprisingly good, using a break-down-the-proscenium filming approach and mixing modern footage with old movies. Very effective.

  3. Rant on, Av. I agree with much of what you say and also agree with the Trip that the Dems have been much too weak. I think they lulled themselves into thinking that the major victory of Obama in 2008 was enough in itself to turn around the nation, forgetting the lowball tactics the Republicans and their conservative Tea Party brethren are capable of.

    Clinton and Obama have turned out to be very similar. I think what upsets the Republican establishment the most is how these two have been able to appeal to Middle Americans, the very same Americans the GOP likes to claim they represent. Toni Morrison quipped that Clinton was the first "black president," and he was pretty much treated by the GOP as someone who used the "back door" to get into the White House. They never had any respect for him. And, they've treated Obama pretty much the same way.

    The insults are even worse now, as Rick notes, as they carry with them a definite racial character. The whole business over the birth certificate was ugly beyond belief, yet the mainstream media played right into. Seems the media feeds off these kinds of barbs and innuendos, incapable of providing real news. It prefers to make news into a reality show instead.

  4. As far as Pat Buchanan goes, it appears he is just trying to make himself "relevant." Must be tough for old windbags like him to no longer be "in the news."

  5. Thanks, Gintaras.

    I am so despondent over the state of the nation right now that I don't want to bring others down to my level. And I know we all basically agree so I feel like I'm just blowing off steam.

    I never used to watch the news. While I know a lot more now than I used to about the nitty gritty of politics, which is what interests me, I may have to give it up for awhile. At this point, knowledge isn't necessarily power. I'm feeling quite powerless. Even Obama has resorted to riding around in a bus on a "listening tour."

    Go Dixie Chicks!

  6. There does seem to be something essential missing from the political landscape these days. Many have for years bemoaned the lack of substance in political campaigns, but the incredible disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country seems to have reached epic proportions.

  7. Gintaras, when I heard a recording of Pat Buchanan using the "your boy" language on a radio show today, I was not surprised one bit. I think you may have seen some of the nasty comments that a Gary has made on my facebook postings. Gary called Obama "boy" all the time. I think he may have even referred to W. as "our boy." I think he picks up his language from some of the media freaks.

    I finally one-click unfriended Gary last week after he made some outrageously rude remarks. He would go just so far and when someone called him on it, he'd say "just teasing an old friend." He was in my high school class but we were not close. He fits stereotype of a right wingnut.

  8. Plenty of them out there, Marti. I discovered a few old "friends" in the same vein on FB as well. Sometimes it is fun to "debate," but most of the time it is just plain irritating. Hard to imagine persons still vehemently supporting the GOP line after all its failures. The funny thing is that they consider themselves "independent." A couple were teabaggers in the Ron Paul vein, but went back to being "independent" when the religious kooks took over the Tea Party thing. In my case, small towns breed small minds, as I grew up in a corner of Northwest Florida that was pretty far removed from the mainstream. I chose to get out of there.

    As for Rick's comments, I think the disconnect is also at the electoral level. There are many out there who simply have no idea what is going on and continue to vote based on emotional hot button issues. They can't fathom the debt ceiling or the major shortfall in revenue that has resulted from the tax cuts or anything fiscal for that matter, as they are too wrapped up in their conservative religious view of the world.

  9. I see even Bob Beckel went Fox,

    I remember when he used to provide the "liberal" view on Crossfire. I guess he now represents one of the token "libs" on Fox.

  10. ''Racism is more alive and well in the United States of America than I thought it was. ''

    I post on a European sports website which features transmissions of live sports & a forum with posters from all over the world. One day an American boxer was fighting against a European. Strangely (no, not really) several Americans posters actually favored the European and wanted him to win. This shocked a couple of British posters on the forum that night. Then I told them not to be surprised as the American boxer was black and the posters were racists who refuse to recognize that a black can possibly be American. Sure enough the posters admitted they were racists and started using the N word to express their hatred for anyone who was black. Then a white liberal wrote in to say this is typical of American racists. Needles to say the Europeans on the forum that night were quite shocked.

    Contrary to what the Fox network liars say every night on their Hitlerian channel, racism is firmly entrenched in this society. It is far worse than anyone would care to admit.

  11. Pretty brave of those guys, trippler. Most refuse to admit they are racists, even when they say the most outlandish things with obvious racial overtones, such as the comment Rick posted by Pat Buchanan.

    Throughout this campaign of vilification, the Republicans and Teabaggers have assiduously denied being racist, despite never having asked for any previous president to verify his birth certificate. We've had "tar baby" comments and "Sambo" allusions and a whole host of other comparisons emanating from right wing sources. Yet, almost to a man or a woman, these persons deny being racist.

  12. Further to my previous post: it's hard to imagine that people of my generation would go along with social security and medicare cuts. I am on neither yet but will be 60 this month, so it's not that long before we qualify for benefits. (5 more years before Medicare; 6 more years before full Social Security). And yet rednecks like Gary on FB rail against "entitlements" (he's 61, by the way, and gets veteran benefits).