Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Obama Resigns

President Obama has resigned from office, as has Vice-President Biden.  House Speaker John Boehner was immediately sworn in as the new President in a special ceremony in Iraq, where he was at the time of this unprecedented announcement.  This move has taken the nation, and indeed the world by shock.  It was all the House Speaker could do to hold back tears when informed of this stunning turn of events.

The former President offered no explanation and refused to field any questions from the White House press.  He said he will be traveling with his family to Hawaii for Easter weekend and will reassess his future there.  He also noted that he would be doing so at his own expense.  From this point forward he is a "private citizen."

The news media was totally stunned, and seemed to be at a loss of words to explain the event.  Fox correspondents and pundits rejoiced in the news until they figured out that the House Speaker was next in line.  Roger Ailes was quoted as saying, "You've got to be f@%king kidding me!"

John Boehner will now complete the remainder of his Congressional trip as Head of State.  A nuclear agreement with Iran is still being pursued by the State Department, which was put in a quandary as to who to answer to on the progress of the talks.  President Boehner said he would alter his planned itinerary to visit Lausanne, where the international negotiations are taking place, before proceeding onward to Israel to see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.