Friday, November 25, 2016

Fuck your hair dryer!

While Bruce, Ellen, MJ, DeNiro, Bill and Melinda battled for the limelight, Barack had a Presidential Medal of Freedom for Margaret Hamilton, the brains behind the onboard flight software for the Apollo moon lander.  She probably would have been overlooked if she hadn't become a highly popular meme last year when IBM launched its infamous #hackahairdryer campaign belittling women in science and technology.

Margaret was literally writing code long before Gen X'ers were even a gleam in their parents' eyes.  She is one of the many unsung heroes who get little or no attention until someone stumbles across them in response to sexist and other misguided ad campaigns.  It is so good to see her get her due, especially when the men she helped land on the moon have been immortalized in mainstream media.

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