Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Losers?

This looks like a fascinating new book, exploring the plight of Loyalists during the Revolutionary War.  Liberty's Exiles has received rave reviews, including this one in The Guardian.  Gordon Wood has this to say,

Jasanoff, who is professor of history at Harvard and author of a highly regarded work, Edge of Empire, that dealt with the ways in which British and French individuals experienced the culture of empire in India and Egypt, has turned her remarkable historical talents to the experiences of the tens of thousands of loyalists who felt compelled to leave the North American colonies that became the United States and migrated, sometimes moving from place to place, to both near and distant parts of the rapidly expanding British Empire. Jasanoff rightly claims that her book provides “the first global history of the loyalist diaspora.”

in his review for The New York Review of Books.  Note the different subtitles between the American and British edition.


  1. I've had my eye on this book, Gintaras, but the first one of hers I tried -- Edge of Empire -- was so poorly written I couldn't read it. Every single sentence was written in the passive voice -- I wanted to take out my blue pencil. Maybe this one has a better editor.

  2. Interesting distinction between the English and American versions. I like the English cover better, too.

  3. Every single sentence was written in the passive voice -- [like this one...]