Friday, May 25, 2012

The Forgotten Founding Father

James Madison seems to be getting his due these days.  Three new biographies have come out in the past year, including a succinct version by Richard Brookhiser, that has garnered much praise.  Others by Kevin Gutzman and Jeff Broadwater weigh in at a few more pages, which leads one to ponder when David McCollough or H.W. Brands will weigh in on Madison.  He is certainly a founding father worthy of more consideration.


  1. I see Ralph Ketcham gave Madison his full due back int 1990, but I think I will probably go with Brookhiser biography, especially since I can read Ketcham online,

  2. Didn't we read a bio of Madison here?

    Oh .... I just typed that and see Garry Wills' book, right next to the comment box.

    I am a big fan of Madison. Robert always referred to him as little Jimmy Madison. I looked at the links, and Rove endorses him (Brookhiser, not Madison) so what the heck?

    (A commenter at Amazon has a goal of reading a bio of all the presidents in order. That sounds like something I would try to do.)

  3. Speaking of Robert and presidential bios, any word from him?

  4. Sadly, no. I wrote to him a couple weeks ago to let him know we were taking up Caro's latest book, but no response.