Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Madness of His Trumpness

Maybe Trump is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.  How else to explain these surly morning tweets, taking out his frustration on Jeff Sessions and transgenders?

No one particularly likes Jeff Sessions, but you almost feel sorry for him.  Here's a guy doing his level best to satisfy the bloated one and look at the thanks he gets.  Trump seems to have it out for his entire justice department, treating them like a team of personal lawyers who aren't doing enough to protect him.

As for transgenders, he not only caught the LGBTQ community by surprise but the Pentagon as well.  No one saw this coming, not even his Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, who was enjoying a little bit of R&R when this shit hit the fan.  So far, the military is not reacting to the tweets, forcing Trump to deal with the shit storm himself.

Neither of these bold gestures makes any sense.  Sessions has been a steadfast supporter of Trump since the beginning of his campaign and is very popular among Southern conservatives.  Steve Bannon himself enlisted Sessions into the ranks. Transgenders in the military is a non-issue, but for some absurd reason Trump chose to make it one.  As a result, he has angered Republicans across the board, not to mention turn many in the military against him.

It seems that whenever Trump gets angry he has to act out, and woe be it to anyone who gets in his way to the bathroom.  Maybe something came up about transgenders on Infowars or Hannity that set Trump off as he definitely didn't consult any generals or military experts on this decision.  This one rose right up from his own bowels.

As for Sessions, one can understand Trump is frustrated that the Justice department can't sweep this Russia thing under the rug, but the AG has to at least make it look like he has studied the Constitution, which he swore to uphold.  Now, Trump wants Sessions to investigate Hillary all over again, as if this will throw the special counsel off the scent.

It's all so puerile that if Trump had any advice it probably came from the Mooch.  You can bet Congressional Democrats will push even harder for a commission to investigate Trump's physical and mental health.  There might even be a few Republicans who are beginning to wonder if Trump has gone wacko.

Gen. Mattis has no doubt rushed back to the White House to set Trump straight on the issue of transgenders in the military, and we hope to see a retraction on twitter in the coming days.  But, His Trumpness has a bad habit of doubling down on everything he says, leaving it up to the courts to decide the issue, as is the case with his travel ban.

Meanwhile, Sessions is keeping a low profile, hoping his boss will forget about him and vent his frustration on some other cabinet member, maybe Rick Perry, who got duped into a 22-minute conversation with the Russian Jerky Boys.  This is the man with the key to the nuclear codes.  Interesting that Trump chose not to tweet about Governor Rick.

But, maybe we are missing something here, as Rachel Maddow might ask?  Maybe the President is wilier than we think? Maybe His Trumpness thinks he is helping his boys out on Capitol Hill by deflecting attention away from their effort to repeal Obamacare? Heh, look over here, while Congressional Republicans work to strip health care from 22 million Americans!

No, I will stick with irritable bowel syndrome.  This is a guy who is unable to settle into his new role of leader of the free world, battling periodic bouts of constipation and diarrhea, venting his frustration on everyone around him.  Just like King George III lost America due to porphyria, it seems His Trumpness may lose the White House to his bowels.



    What can you say in view of all this lunacy ????

  2. Trump has no plan and never had one. Everything he does is off the cuff. Next mistake, North Korea?

  3. Hard to say where he will go next. He's completely out of control. His speech to Long Island cops was awful and once again had to be disavowed.