Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stupid is as stupid does

"I think it's fake news, but if he did that, I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests.  And I can tell you who is going to win."

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ..... moronic in the White House, His Trumpness challenged Rex Tillerson to an IQ test.  Sarah Huck-Huck-Huckabee says the Prez was only joking but CNN's Brooke Baldwin counted at least 22 times when Mr. Trump flaunted his self-proclaimed high IQ.  Mensa has offered to put the two to the test as it has no record of either Trump or Tillerson in its High IQ Society.

This was just the beginning of another calamitous week for the Trump White House.  Earlier, he got into a row with Bob Corker over his proposed tax cuts, upset that the Tennessee senator found fault with his plan.  This led to a nasty exchange in which Trump claimed "Liddle Bob" came to him for an endorsement in 2018, which he refused, and then Corker subsequently chose to retire.  On top of that Big Donald said Corker had wanted to be his Secretary of State.  Corker wasn't taking any of this nonsense and compared the White House to a Reality Show, saying he is seriously concerned this President could push the US into a world war.

Few Republican senators came to Corker's aid.  Lindsey Graham, who has been critical of Trump in the past, took time to brag about Donald's golf score.  Mitch offered faint praise for his colleague, but most others chose to sit this one out.

Then came the catfight between Ivana and Melania over who is the real "first lady" of the White House.  Ivana claimed the mantle as Trump's first wife, although she didn't seem certain of this.  This led to one of those rare moments when Melania speaks.  She said that Ivana is just an "attention-seeking" bitch, and that she had no time for this "self-serving noise."  How she has put up with her husband this long is anyone's guess.

Among all this noise, Trump still had time to weigh in on the NFL once again by congratulating Jerry Jones for standing up like a real owner.  Only problem is that no sooner did the Dallas Cowboys owner make his stand than some former prostitutes reveal what a big dick he is.   For his part, Texas Jerry says the photos "misrepresent" him in a restaurant five years ago.

One can imagine Vladimir Putin watching all this with a big bowl of popcorn in his hands.  How on earth can anything else on television compete with this!

The good news is that no one is talking about Puerto Rico, the failed health care bill, the unlikelihood of his budget and tax cuts being passed or anything else of substance.  Trump can once again hide behind the scandalous stories, enjoying another round of golf, his 64th outing of the year.  This from a man who was going to be so busy leading the country he wouldn't have time for golf.

He's backed himself into a tight corner with Tillerson.  If Tex Rex resigns, it would only add substance to NBC's story that Tillerson called Trump a "fucking moron" and threatened to walk out on him.  Rex claims he never made such a threat but refused to discuss whether he called the President a moron, which Trump all but confirmed by challenging Rex to an IQ test.

Trump's twitter war with "Liddle Bob Corker" has far deeper repercussions, as he needs every Congressional vote he can get to pass his proposed tax cuts.  Sen. Corker said he is not voting for any tax cuts that would add to the deficit, and according to leading economists Trump's proposed cuts would add $5 trillion to the deficit.  As a high ranking senator, Corker carries a lot of clout and one can bet other Republicans will follow suit.  Mitch must really be squirming in his seat because this means yet another failed legislative effort, resulting in a horrible year in which his Senate was unable to get any meaningful bill through Congress.

As for his wives, Trump had to know Ivana wasn't going to accept Melania getting top billing.  After all, she produced his first three kids, and according to her biography, Raising Trump, raised them solely on her own, as Big Donnie was never around.  In her mind, this makes her more "first lady" than the Slovenian trophy wife.

It's nice to see that this little incident lit a fire under the normally placid Melania, who obviously doesn't like living in the shadow of Trump's first wife.  However, this might actually help Melania as she is getting the sympathy vote.

The kicker was Sarah Huck-Huck-Huckabee calling Bob Corker's statements "ridiculous" and "outrageous."  Krazy Kellyanne voiced the same sentiments on Fox and Friends.  Both oblivious to how much the President himself has demeaned the White House with his rash statements and actions.

It's hard to know what is going on in the White House as Trump clearly has lost all control of himself.  So much so that there is a very clear and present danger that he might unleash a "storm" at any time.  After all, he and his less intelligent buddy Rick Perry hold the nuclear codes.

This is what any sensible person feared all along, but Republicans felt they could contain Trump.  They even brought in Ret. Gen. John Kelly to impose order in the White House, but someone forgot to put a monitor on the internet connection, blocking out Fox News and Breitbart, which it appears Trump listens to more than to his advisers.  Even if Kelly were able to screen Trump's news intake, Bannon still has surrogates in the White House, namely Stephen Miller.

As for the soft touch Ivanka was supposed to provide, that obviously isn't happening.  Trump is as surly as ever, taking his petty grievances out on twitter first chance he gets.  Worst of all, the media loves it.  They pile on the ridicule whenever Trump goes on one of his tirades, further galvanizing his support among his "basket of deplorables."

This is the group Bannon hopes to take advantage of in the upcoming primaries as he promotes his radical Republican candidates across the country.  Judge Roy Moore is just a warning shot.  He plans to go after all sitting Republicans that defy Donald Trump, or rather the agenda Trump represents.  Bannon had Corker in his cross hairs, which is why many political pundits figured the Tennessee senator chose to step down.

Alas, "Liddle Bob" is still in Congress through 2018 and if Trump expects to have any legislative victories he needs to find a way to appease these frustrated senators not just add further insult to insult.  The same goes with his cabinet and other WH adviser.  There is only so much of this shit they will take before invoking the 25th amendment.

Of course, it will still be a long four years with Mike Pence, as the hardline policies would remain the same.  At least the circus act that is Donald Trump will once again be relegated to the sidelines, where it belongs.

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