Tuesday, November 20, 2018

All the President's Children

One of the most ironic elements of the Trump White House is how much his kids are involved in his administration.  We were supposed to be so deeply concerned by the return of Bill and the emergence of Chelsea in a Hillary Clinton White House that to vote for Trump was to vote against nepotism.  Yet, here we are with Javanka (Jared and Ivanka) serving as key advisers to the President.  Jared is in a quasi-official capacity as Innovations Director.  The role was made up so that he wouldn't need to have Congressional approval.  Ivanka essentially serves as First Lady.

It doesn't stop there.  Donald Trump Jr. is a very active surrogate on the never-ending campaign trail for his father. Eric and his wife Lara less frequently stump for Daddy, but can always be called on in a pinch.  Even Donald's ex has come to his aid, letting us all know he is not a racist and that he has the smarts to be POTUS.

The only ones not involved in Trump's administration are his youngest children, Tiffany and Barron.  In fact, Barron is kept largely under wraps, which has led to speculation he may be autistic, and some have suggested is why Trump is an anti-vaxxer, blaming his youngest son's autism on vaccines.  Others just think Barron is Damien from The Omen II.  However, we have been scolded repeatedly not to express such thoughts, not least of all by Chelsea Clinton.

So, we will focus on his adult children, namely Jared and Ivanka, whom we have been repeatedly told have such brilliant minds.  Jared was serving as the de facto Secretary of State when Rex Tillerson was around.  Since Mike Pompeo has taken over, we hear less from Jared, but he still has his special assignment, namely to bring peace to the Middle East.  We are led to believe he is busy drafting up what has been dubbed the "Deal of the Century."  News reports suggest he even has four Arab states who support the draft agreement, although no one has seen what this deal actually entails.  By news reports, I mean Sheldon Adelson's Israeli newspaper.  It's kind of like one of those hooks used to get you to buy into a condominium that has yet to be built on the West Bank.

Ivanka is often a beautiful stand in for her father.  However, he was seriously considering her for the US ambassador to the UN after Nikki unexpectedly stepped down in October.  The position is still open.  Trump always talks in superlatives about Ivanka.  She is without a doubt the apple of his eye, which have led some persons to speculate if there might be something incestuous about their relationship.

For all this talk about how smart she and Jared are, we have yet to see anything emerge from their brain trust other than Ivanka's We-Fi or Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative or more simply the Ivanka Fund.  No news yet as to whether it has delivered on any of its noble goals.  Jared's peace plans similarly remain under wraps.

You might remember how Republicans were so upset when Hillary got involved with health care during her husband's administration or Michelle pushed for healthy school lunches.  There was such a hue and cry that you thought this might lead to the impeachment of both First Ladies.  After the dust settled, Hillary went back to baking cookies with Barb, forced to recognize her role in the White House.  Michelle continued to push for healthy lunches despite all the protest from conservative Congressmen and television pundits, who thought she should also stick to cookie recipes.

Not a peep from the same Republicans when it comes to Javanka assuming such significant roles in the White House, or DJT Jr. heavily promoting his father at rallies.  You can surely bet that if a President Hillary had given any kind of role to Bill and Chelsea in the White House, they would have been severely scrutinized by the Republican Congress.  It just makes you wonder how these schmucks reconcile themselves with this double standard, especially when Jared refuses to give any accounting to Congress as to what he is proposing for the Middle East or anything else for that matter.

I do hope that the Democrats will take a closer look at what Jared and Ivanka are doing, especially Jared who has a very close relationship with the Notorius MBS.  Ivanka's numerous trademarks with China should also be investigated as they show a favoritism one normally would associate with insider trading.  Just imagine if Chelsea had a fashion brand of her own and worked out special agreements with foreign countries while her mother was President?

Like so many things about the Trump White House, the degree of nepotism is "unpresidented."  Other presidents have involved their grown children in WH affairs but none to the degree Trump has.  Jared and Ivanka are surrogates for Trump on many levels, to the point Trevor Noah used to speculate who was President this week.  Jared's name often came up.

For some odd reason, conservatives don't protest like they did the idea Hillary would be nepotistic leader.  In fact, many hail Jared as a "hidden genius" and other superlatives, as if we got a great bargain when we elected Trump to have such smart kids.  Who needs a cabinet when you have Javanka!

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