Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How we learned to love the atomic bomb

Eric Schlosser pulls the lid off the supposed safety precautions that guarded American nuclear weapons in his new book, Command and Control.  Disquieting to say the least to read this review by Walter Russell Mead. One can only hope that safety has improved over the years.  Schlosser gives one more reason why nuclear disarmament should be a top priority, especially with so many nations wanting to join the "nuclear club."


  1. I've thought about requesting this book ... maybe I should.

    Right now I'm also reading the latest Bacevich book on the military. I'm one of his biggest fans.

  2. Bacevich is a strange bird. I heard him defending Reagan on the Reagan biography that was done a couple years ago, yet he has become one of the more strident anti-war advocates, even questioning some of Reagan's decisions in the end, although not so far as to lose his esteem for the former president. He lost his son in Iraq.

  3. He is a staunch conservative -- and always makes sure everyone knows that. But in many ways that makes him an even stronger opponent of the US military and the "Washington Rules."

    He writes a book a year -- I think I've read all of them. I'm a huge fan.

  4. I should add that the loss of his son in a pointless war is surely the reason for all his focused anger.